An Advent Song for Hammered Dulcimer Players

May the sweet sound of dulcimers accompany you as you prepare for the Coming One.

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1. Intro & Demo This song was written by Steve for the Advent season, the 4 weeks before Christmas. Before he plays the melody for us, Steve shares church history that inspired the song, how he met Guy George, and about the time Guy asked to play his tune.
2. The Chorus The first note of the chorus is the A. There are 2 possible places to play this beginning A, on the right side of the treble bridge below the D box, or playing in the "L" shape by using the A on the bass bridge. Steve prefers to follow the principle of playing horizontally, and chooses to play that A on the bass bridge.
3. The Turnaround This fun turnaround shows up not only at the end of the chorus but also at the end of the verse. It starts with the D shape, or "Utah" as Steve calls it, or the "chicken shed" as others call it. This turnaround pattern covers two full measures.
4. Other Hammering Patterns Previously, Steve demonstrated the chorus melody in an "L" pattern. In this video, Steve shows what happens if he crosses the bridge instead of going straight up.
5. Putting the Chorus Together Up Tempo Here Steve plays the chorus a little faster. But he explains that it's not that difficult as you're alternating hammers as you move from note to note.
6. Verse, Phrase 1,
Pattern 1
The verses are very linear and sequential. A sequential pattern begins on one note, and then comes back and repeats the same pattern - but starting on a different note.
7. Verse, Phrase 1,
Pattern 2
In this segment, Steve demonstrates the same phrase, with the same sequential pattern, but this time starting on the left side of the treble bridge.
8. Verse, Phrase 2 The first half of the second phrase begins exactly like the first phrase. At the end of the second phrase, we get to play that fun turnaround again.
9. Chorus and Verse Together Now Steve plays the two parts together slowly, and demonstrates the chords that can be played during the long pause between the first and second phrase of the verse.
10. Putting Everything Together In this video, Steve plays the chorus, verse, chorus again - including that middle piece with chords in the verse.
11. Slash Chords Slash chords give instructions to the guitar player and the bass player. The guitar player plays the chords to the left of the slash. The bass player plays the note to the right of the slash. Let's continue to find out how this can be applied to our dulcimer playing.
12. Chords for the Chorus Next Steve takes a look at what chords go along with the chorus.
13. Chords for the Verse And here Steve demonstrates chords that can be added to the verse.
14. Why Chord Shapes Steve says that visualizing chord shapes is what has helped him survive in playing chords on the hammered dulcimer.
15. Play Along Here's your chance to play a duet with Steve! Steve plays the chords for the entire song, and invites you to play the melody with him.
16. Chorded Melody for the
Verse, Part A
Steve has demonstrated the melody, and he has shown us how to play backup chords and also the bass tones. Now he adds 3-note chords to the melody of the verse.
17. Chorded Melody for the
Verse, Part B
Now Steve puts it all together with chords added to both phrases of the verse.
18. Chorus Harmonies There are some chords that can be added to the chorus as well. In this video, Steve demonstrates those.
19. Finale Now you have all the pieces to play this song by yourself or with others. In the finale, Steve plays a section of the song with all the embellishments and up to tempo.

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Hark the Glad Sound

This is one of the songs on Steve's recording "Hark the Glad Sound."


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  • This original song was written by Steve for Advent worship for an inner-city faith community in Kansas City, where he was serving as pastor.

  • Words to "Stir Up Your Power, O Lord"

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  • This tune is included in Dulcimer-Friendly Worship, Vol 1: the season of Advent.
    by Steve Eulberg

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