Off She Goes
Taught in D-A-d by Guest Instructor Erin Rogers

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1. Demo in DAd Guest Instructor, Erin Rogers, demonstrates St. Anne's Reel in DAd tuning.
2. Flatpicking
Right Hand
Erin discusses the thickness of the pick and whether or not to brace your hand, or post a finger for effective flatpicking.
3. Exercise 1 Exercise #1 is helpful for developing accuracy in 4/4 time, using alternate pickstrokes
4. Exercise 2 In this segment we explore how playing the A part of this tune in the straight-up or Ladder or Big "L" shape works.
5. A Section, Part 1 Erin begins teaching the first phrases of the A Section of this fun tune.
6. A Section, Part 2 Now we turn our attention to the rest of the A Part.
7. A Section, Part 3 Now we put the pieces together to play the whole A part.
8. A Section, Part 4 Here Erin suggests that we assign fingers to frets for flatpicking in the first 3 frets.
9. A Section, Part 5 We put all the pieces of the A part together and play them up to speed!
10. B Section, Part 1 Now we turn our attention to the B part of this tune, and we learn the first phrase in the first position.
11. B Section, Part 2 Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs are another option in playing this first phrase.
12. B Section, Part 3 Here we learn the rest of the B part, before putting the pieces together.
13. B Section, Part 4 As we put the different phrases of the B Part together, Erin offers some tips for transferring fingres in order to play the phrases more smoothly.
14. B Section, Part 5 Now we'll play through the entire B part several times.
15. Whole Song Now that we've got the pieces, let's put the whole song together!
16. Whole Song, UpTempo We have all the pieces and the playing tips, so it is time to put them together and work to build up our playing speed. Erin takes us through the tune at three different speeds.
17. Adding Ornaments Erin describes and demonstrates a turn, a common ornament from playing in the Irish style, and shows places to play it in this tune.
18. Flatpicked Ornamented Here Erin demonstrates the flatpicked version with ornaments to which you can play along.
19. Higher Octave,
Part 1
Now Erin teaches a more linear version of playing this tune in the higher octave.
20. Higher Octave,
Part 2
Here look at the 2nd phrase, complete with a partial G chord in the L shape
21. Higher Octave,
Part 3
Here are final phrases of the A part.
22. Higher Octave,
Part 4
Now we put all the phrases of A together!
23. Higher Octave,
Part 5
Putting the A and the B parts together.
24. Higher Octave,
Part 6
Erin plays the higher octave version a few times so you can play along and rehearse!
25. Accenting Finally, Erin demonstrates how accenting helps to give this tune its lilt.



Music GlobeExtras

  • Lyrics to St. Anne's Reel

  • History of the tune

  • Played by the clan that hangs out at Mulligan's Pub in Fort Collins for an Irish Session every Wednesday night

  • Follow-up lesson: How to Play Backup
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