Spotted Pony
By Steve Eulberg for Hammered Dulcimer Players in D

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About the Lessons

1. Demo First Steve plays through the tune for us, melody alone.
2. A Part The A Part starts with what Steve refers to as a "grasshopper" rhythm, walking up the scale.
3. A Part Together The A Part has two phrases, the 2nd phrase being the same as the first until you get to the last two notes of the last measure.
4. B Part, Right Hand Lead The B Part starts with a rest. You might want to tap your toe, to help you keep the rhythm steady. You can play this section linearly on the right side of the treble bridge, starting with the right hand.
5. B Part, Left Hand Lead You can also play the B part by starting with the left hand. If you choose to start with the left hand, then you will play the melody horizontally across all the bridges.
6. A & B Parts Together Steve plays through each part two times.
7. Adding a Bass Note By simply striking the A, B, or low D string on the bass bridge, you can add a nice harmony to the melody line.
8. Playing BackUp
A Part
When Steve plays backup for Vi Wickam on their CD "Fiddle Whamdiddle," he plays chords on the off beats.
9. Playing BackUp
B Part
There are only two chords to play in the B Part - the D and the A.
10. Playing the Melody in the Lower Octave Steve demonstrates playing the melody through the entire tune an octave lower. Part A is played completely on the bass bridge.
11. Lower Octave Chords To add more variety to the arrangement, you could also play the chords an octave lower.
12. Playing the Melody an Octave Higher We can also play the melody an octave higher. Part A is played completely on the left side of the treble bridge.
13. Take This Spotted Pony Out For a Ride! Steve plays through the tune one more time, playing with a swing rhythm in his own special arrangement.

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Music GlobeExtras

  • Performed on Fiddle Tune a Day for Day 246, with Steve Eulberg on hammered dulcimer and Vi "The Fiddler" Wickam on the fiddle

  • For more variations of this tune, listen to Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis play it together on dueling dulcimers.

  • Here's another spirited hammered dulcimer arrangement by Phyllis Brown.

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