Spotted Pony

Spotted Pony is a traditional Missouri tune from R.P. Christeson's book, The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory.
Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer Players in D-A-d by guest teacher, Erin Rogers

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VideoAbout the Lessons
D-A-d Tuning  
1. Demo Erin demonstrates one of her favorite tunes. (Which is also one she taught to Steve many moons ago!)
2. A Part, Phrase 1 Erin shows how the first phrase of this tune works i the first 3 frets.
3. A Part, Phrase 2 Here Erin teaches the rest of the A section.
4. Practice the Whole A Part Now Erin plays through the whole A Part to give us a chance to practice it. (Woodshedding is an important skill to learn and use!)
5. A Part, Strum Variations Erin offers some strumming variations to spice up the playing of the A Part.
6. A Part on the Bass String Now Erin shows us how to play the A Part of this tune on the bass string, adding some new techniques like a slide.
7. B Part Demonstration Erin demonstrates the B part of this tune.
8. B Part, Clarity of Notes on the Middle String Here some tips for gaining clarity when playing melodies that require the use of the middle string for melody notes.
9. B Part, Phrase 1 In this episode, Erin is working on the first phrase of the B part of this tune.
10. B Part, Phrase 2 Here Erin shows the second phrase is the same as in the A Part, then puts these two phrases together.
11. B Part, All Together In this segment, Erin puts all the phrases of the B Part together.
12. B Part on the Bass String Once again, Erin shows us variations by playing the B Part of the melody on the Bass string.
13. Playing 3 Variations In the conclusion to this lesson, Erin takes everything she's shown us and wraps it up into playing this tune with 3 variations!

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Music GlobeExtras

  • Performed on Fiddle Tune a Day for Day 246, with Steve Eulberg on hammered dulcimer and Vi "The Fiddler" Wickam on the fiddle.
  • For more variations of this tune, listen to Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis play it together on dueling dulcimers.
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