Spotted Pony

Spotted Pony is a traditional Missouri tune from R.P. Christeson's book, The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory.
Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer Players in D-A-d on Chromatic Dulcimer, by guest teacher, Erin Rogers

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VideoAbout the Lessons
D-A-d Tuning  
1. Chromatic Dulcimer Strategies Before teaching the tune, Erin talks about her strategy for playing a diatonic tune on a chromatic instrument.
2. A Part First we look at Part A of this tune, remembering where the diatonic frets are on the more densely-populated chromatic fretboard in DAd tuning.
3. B Part Erin finishes the A Part, adds the B part and puts the whole diatonic tune together.
4. Moving to A Flat Erin now talks about the versatility of playing this tune on a chromatic dulcimer, but playing the same patterns, but moving up the fretboard.
5. A Part in A Flat Using the patterns from playing in the open position, Erin places her capo at the 3+ fret and plays the SAME pattern and now the A Part of the tune is in the key of A Flat.
6. B Part in A Flat Here is the B Part of this tune, sounding in A Flat, but using the same pattern as in the key of D.
7. Framework Erin offers her framework for mapping out the tune, independent of fret numbers.
8. Whole Song in A Flat Now that we have all the pieces, Erin puts the song together, very cleanly, in this unique key for dulcimer players.
9. Mapping This Tune in the Key of E Using a Barre of 3 fingers, Erin maps out playing this tune in the Key of E without the use of a capo.
10. Playing the Tune in the Key of E Now we play through the tune in the Key of E, without a capo.
11. Benefits & Limitations Erin discusses the Benefits and Limitations that she's discovered in playing the Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer
12. Strategies for Learning & Reprise of the Tune in D Erin suggests several strategies for learning to play tunes on the Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer and then reprises Spotted Pony in the key of D!

PDFTablature in D-A-d

  • Key of D
  • Key of E
  • Key of Ab

AnimationAnimations in D-A-d

  • Key of D, Part A
  • Key of D, Part B
  • Key of E, Part A
  • Key of E, Part B
  • Key of Ab, Part A
  • Key of Ab, Part B

Music GlobeExtras

  • Performed on Fiddle Tune a Day for Day 246, with Steve Eulberg on hammered dulcimer and Vi "The Fiddler" Wickam on the fiddle .

  • For more variations of this tune, listen to Steve Eulberg and Erin Mae Lewis play it together on dueling dulcimers.
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