Raindrop Prelude
Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer Players by Steve Eulberg

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Demonstration First Steve plays completely through Frédéric Chopin's Prelude, Opus 28, No. 15, fondly known as the Raindrop Prelude. The prelude is known for its repeating A♭, which appears throughout the piece and sounds like raindrops to many listeners.
2. Introduction Steve explains why he has retuned his dulcimer to the key of Db. He begins by playing through the first section, pointing out the repeating raindrop sound, and how he applied the hammer-on and pull-off technique.
3. A Part Demonstration After the first double bar, Steve moves up to the higher octave.
4. A Part Detail Now Steve plays through the A part again, more slowly. At measure 5, we move into a new section. Steve plays this tune with finger picks for more clarity of tone.
5. B Part Detail The B section begins at measure 20, and includes a restatement of the A Part theme.
6. C Part 1st Time The C section also restates the theme, and then moves into the part where you need the 1-1/2 fret.
7. C Part Repeat As we're repeating the C part, be careful that you don't play the repeated note too loudly. Note that sometimes Steve plays the repeating note on the bass, other times on the melody - switches he had to make to arrange this piece on a 3-string instrument.
8. D Part Focus Page 4 has interesting finger shifting that you may find to be the most challenging section of the piece ... but also perhaps the most fun to play. Notice how at one place, Steve bends at the 4th fret to create the 4+ tone.
9. Finale Here Steve plays on through to the ending of this lovely piece.
10. E Part Focus There are "artificial harmonics" in the final section, marked by little dots in the tablature.
11. Conclusion In the conclusion, Steve encourages us to rise to the challenge of learning a classical piece on the mountain dulcimer. He also warns us about the tendency we may have to pick up speed when playing the repeated raindrop note.


  • Raindrop Prelude

Music GlobeExtras

  • Here we have some background information about Chopin's composition of the Opus 28 Preludes.

  • Enjoy this beautiful prelude performed on a grand piano by Marjan Kiepura. Before he begins, he shares alittle about what was going on in Chopin's life at the time that he wrote this prelude.

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