Traditional Noter Style
How to Play Using a Noter, by Steve Eulberg

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1. Introduction Steve introduces the traditional noter/drone style of playing and shows us some of the tools (noters) that he uses.
2. The Traditional “Slidy” Sound Steve shares his growth in musical education, when he learned that the Traditional dulcimer sound was different from his expectations.
3. The Right Hand A floppy pick or a feather quill?  These traditional right hand tools are introduced and demonstrated.
4. The Left Hand How should the noter be held?  With the thumb or finger on top?  Steve demonstrates the pros and cons and why he made his choice.
5. But WHY play with a Noter? A Some people love to play this way to carry on the tradition.  Others love the sound of the drone and the connection with other generations and the simplicity of the sound.
6. But WHY play with a Noter? B Some people play with a noter to overcome physical limitations and the obstacles to their music-making.
7. Which Kind of Noter? Steve demonstrates both round and flat noters, and the use of the thumbnail for playing in this traditional style.
8. Noter Techniques and Tips Whether you play with your finger or your thumb on top of the noter, Steve demonstrates some techniques and tips that will improve your accuracy and tone.
9. Which pick should I use? In this segment, different thicknesses of pick are demonstrated and discussed for their benefits in playing this style.
10. How is playing this style on a standard dulcimer different? Steve demonstrates the lower fretboard and the use of drones that are octaves and fifths with the example of “Oh Susannah.”
11. How do we play below Do? Playing in the tunings of DAA (1-5-5) and DAG (1-5-4), this segment demonstrates how to play the notes below Do, especially on an instrument without a 6+ fret.  The tunes “Holy Manna” and “Hunting Buffalo” are used as illustrations.
12. Can we play noter-style in DAd tuning? This episode uses the Mixolydian tune, “Old Joe Clark” to demonstrate playing noter style in DAd tuning using the 6th fret, and “Joy to the World” to demonstrate playing in the Ionian Mode using the 6+ fret.
13. DAC tuning and Conclusion “Shady Grove” is the tune used to demonstrate the DAC tuning.  Steve then concludes this introduction to the Noter Style series.

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