For Dulci-Bro Players by Steve Eulberg

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1. Demonstration of the Tune Steve demonstrates this “jumping” tune on the dulcibro, by playing across the strings.
2. Why to Play Across the Strings After demonstrating the limits of playing a jumping tune in a linear way, Steve shows why playing across the strings will be more efficient and allow us to have more speed at the same time. The chords at the frets where they occur is a clue to finding many of the notes we need.
3. The A Part of the Tune In stepwise fashion, Steve shows some different options for playing the A Part of this tune, while discussing the strategies for making the choices about which will work for us.
4. The Advantage of the Slide By starting just below or above one note and sliding to the next one, we can hear the characteristic slide guitar sound, and gain some advantages for creating the work-arounds that let us play the tunes we wish to play.
5. Mapping the B Part of the Tune In this “note-y” section of the tune, Steve shows how sliding through the notes, makes a dulcibro work-around that still fits the tune
6. Playing the B Part of the Tune Using the whole A chord with some fast right hand picking the B Part sounds pretty cool!
7. Putting the Whole Song Together at a Slower Tempo Now that we have all the parts, we put them together a slower learning tempo.
8. Playing the Song at a Slightly Faster Tempo It is time to gradually speed up a little and play the whole tune.
9. Now! Jamming Tempo! We take the tempo and bump it up a notch to a speed that we will more likely find in jam sessions.
10. Back-Up Using Chop Chords Because we are musicians playing the dulcibro, we will learn the chop chords to play behind someone else playing the melody.
11. Having Fun with This Tune! In the final episode, Steve adds some slides and fun things to demonstrate how to spruce it up for taking it out on the town!


  • Melody

Music GlobeExtras

  • There have been a few attempts to create English lyrics for this tune over the years, but none of them have stuck.  Mississippi Sawyer has remained an instrumental tune.  

  • Story Behind the Tune

  • Watch Kendra Ward play this lively tune on her mountain dulcimer with all 4 strings tuned to the same note. And keep an eye on the antics of her kitten!
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