Guest Instructor: Nina Zanetti, For Mountain Dulcimer Players Only

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Demo Here is a demonstration of Nina's fingerstyle technique and her description of why she likes this style.
2. Mellow Tone Achieving mellow tone is one of Nina's most important goals, and she shows you how she gets it in this episode.
3. Right Hand Tone In this first lesson focusing on right hand technique, Nina explores 3 different ways to get good tone.
4. The Brush Stroke Nina takes what you've learned and builds upon it to create the brush stroke which is useful for breaking up the "busier" sections and for adding dynamic range in your playing.
5. To Anchor or Not to Anchor Nina gives us her answer to this question and her reasoning behind the answer.
6. Adding Fingers Nina shows us her home position for using all her fingers.
7. The Pinch Nina begins with the first pattern of fingerstyle playing: The Pinch
8. 2nd Pinch Pick Building on the 2 finger method of the pinch, Nina adds the index finger in this fingerstyle pattern.
9. Adding Dynamics to the Roll In this episode we learn the Roll, which uses all the fingers and all the strings.
10. The Inverted Roll Here the Roll we just learned is turned upside down!
11. Roll with Dynamics Now Nina adds dynamics to the patterns we’ve been using on the right hand, before we turn our attention to the left hand.
12. The Brush Stroke Now we put the Left Hand to work using two familiar DAd chord shapes: D and G while the Right Hand uses the Brush stroke.
13. Pinch-Middle Pattern Now, using the same Left Hand Chords, Nina adds the Pinch-Middle pattern with the Right Hand.
14. Using the Roll Now we use the Roll pattern with the Left Hand chords.
15. Keeping Left Hand Set Nina demonstrates the importance of keeping one's Left Hand set as often as possible.
16. Reading Tablature Nina talks about strategies for reading fingerpicking tablature in order to play it with smooth sounding results.
17. Reading Patterns from Tablature Nina shows us how to read the fingerpicking patterns from Tablature (or TAB) in order to strategize our smooth playing.
18. Turning a Tune Into Fingerstyle To complete this series, Nina takes a familiar tune (Boil 'Em Cabbage) and applies what she's taught to play this tune as a Fingerstyle arrangement in 3 different ways!


Nina's Fingerpicking Patterns

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