I have always been fascinated by musicians who know how to record one musical pattern and save, record the next pattern and save, and then play a melody against the recorded backup tracks. This is called looping, and our own Butch Ross has recorded a new series on how to do this.

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Demonstration Looping is playing one musical pattern and saving, recording the next pattern and saving, and then playing a melody against the recorded backup tracks. We are proud to present this lessons series on looping by Butch Ross.
2. Butch's Pedal Rig:
The Signal Chain 1
In this lesson, Butch explains the 3 kinds of pickups and tells which one he prefers.
3. Butch's Pedal Rig:
The Signal Chain 2
Here Butch shows up his basic foot pedals - the Chromatic Tuner, the DIgitech RP-50, the Boss RC-2 Looping Station, the LR Baggs Paracoustic DI, and finally the Boss Pedal - and what each is used for during his performances.
4. Butch's Pedal Rig:
The Signal Chain 3
In this lesson, Butch gives further suggestions on how to set up and provide power to all the pedals quickly.
5. How to Use the Pedal Rig: Part A Very often, Butch uses a delay pedal with repeated notes to get things started. The first loop defines the length of everything and the tempo at which you will play.
6. How to Use the Pedal Rig: Part B In this video, Butch adds a little more to the initial loop, and then switches to the guitar to add a loop with a bass line and a drum beat. For the 3rd loop, Butch adds some chord tones - and warns that a little bit goes a long way.
7. Features of the Boss Loop Box Two more features of the Boss RC-2 Looping Station, not found on other loop pedals, are Quantizing and built-in Drum Programs.

Music GlobeExtras

  • See Butch Ross in performance mode using his looping pedal along with his (then) new electric dulcimer made by Tony Meeks called a Zither.

  • Kayla Kavanagh performs live with hammered dulcimer, electric violin, flute, vocal and Boss RC-50 Looping Station at York Minster Cathedral in York, United Kingdom.

  • A loop performance with dulcimer, percussion, with prerecorded synths, drums and vocals at the 2012 Hunsr├╝ck Open Art Festival in Germany.

  • Learn to apply these looping techniques in Butch's lesson "Sweet Spotted Pony." In this lesson, Butch demonstrates how to play a jazzed up version of the old jammin' tune Spotted Pony against the guitar riff for Sweet Home Alabama.
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