For Hammered Dulcimer Players in the Key of D
and Mountain Dulcimer Players in D-A-d Tuning

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About the Lessons

1. Introduction First Erin and Steve play a very interesting arrangement of Liberty together, each taking turns with the lead.
2. Communication Steve and Erin point out the need to plan your signals for communication and make them clear, so you know when to start - when to stop - or when to take a solo.
3. Making Room Sometimes you need to "get out of the way," so the other person can be heard. For example, Steve did this for Erin when she was flatpicking. For variations, at times one can play melody while the other plays chords, or one can play the melody in a lower octave while the other plays it in a higher octave.
4. More Ideas Erin suggested playing a twinning harmony. Also, she was able to play chords high on the mountain dulcimer, while Steve played the melody in low tones on the hammered dulcimer.
5. Twinning A Steve creates the twin harmony by playing the melody a third tone above by moving up 2 strings.
6. Twinning B Now they try the same technique on the B part.
7. Arrangement Assembled You will enjoy seeing Steve and Erin plot, plan, and then play their final arrangement. What a great team!
8. Other Considerations A big part of playing together is giving the other person space, and taking turns leading. Basically, you need to listen for cues, be sensitive to what the other person is trying to do, and give the other person room to do it.

PDFSheet Music

  • For Hammered Dulcimer Players, In the Key of D

  • For Mountain Dulcimer Players, in D-A-d Tuning


Music GlobeExtras

  • The story behind the song

  • Here is one of my dulcimering heroes, Mark Wade, playing Liberty on the hammered dulcimer with some interesting variations.

  • Enjoy the old-time fidldle tune played at Scott and Nellie Coffman's home. It's being played at the tempo you will hear at most jam sessions so, when you think you've "got it," you could practice playing along with the video to be sure you can keep up at the next jam session in your town.

  • Here is a bluegrass backing track to enhance your practice. You will play through the A Part twice, then the B Part twice, and repeat the entire sequence three times.

  • Our own Vi Wickam and Steve Eulberg rock this tune at the Winter Farmer's Market in Fort Collins, CO.

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