For Mountain Dulcimer Playerss in D-A-d, by Erin Mae Lewis

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Introduction Erin explains that rather learning to play the tune up and down the melody string, we will be learning to play it across all the strings. Then she plays through the tune.
2. A Part, Phrase 1 The A Part is built around D and G arpeggios, so you alternate between the melody and middle string to play the first part of the melody. Then we learn a pattern that pivots around the 2nd fret.
3. A Part, Phrase 2 The 2nd phrase follows exactly the same pattern, except it pivots around the 3rd fret. After that, we repeat the first phrase again, with the pattern that pivots around the 2nd fret.
4. A Part Finish The final phrase is simply a scale that goes down, back up, ending with a pentatonic scale.
5. A Part All Together Here Erin plays through the A Part slowly two times.
6. B Part Strategies Erin suggests that whenever you see 8th note pairs, you can always leave out the 2nd 8th note. Or you can use hammer-ons and pull-offs to play the 2nd note.
7. B Part, Phrase 1 Erin breaks down the B part. The best part is that the 1st measure repeats 3 times. The tricky part is that you are now moving to the bass string.
8. B Part, Phrase 2 The next measure is a D arpeggio across the strings. Think of playing the D chord 2 ways ... 0-0-2 or 2-0-0.
9. B Part, Phrases 3 & 4 The 3rd phrase is just like the 1st phrase - ALMOST. The ending is the same as the A Part.
10. B Part Together Here Erin plays through the B Part slowly, again two times.
11. Whole Song Now we are ready to put the whole tune together - playing the A part twice followed by playing the B part twice, as is common for most fiddle tunes.
12. Chord Progression This tune uses the D, G, and A chords, and Erin demonstrates how to play these chords. Erin's special technique is to play a bass-strum, bass-strum pattern.


  • Arr. by Steve Eulberg


  • A Part

  • B Part

Music GlobeExtras

  • The story behind the song

  • Here is one of my dulcimering heroes, Mark Wade, playing Liberty on the hammered dulcimer with some interesting variations.

  • Enjoy the old-time fidldle tune played at Scott and Nellie Coffman's home. It's being played at the tempo you will hear at most jam sessions so, when you think you've "got it," you could practice playing along with the video to be sure you can keep up at the next jam session in your town.

  • Here is a bluegrass backing track to enhance your practice. You will play through the A Part twice, then the B Part twice, and repeat the entire sequence three times.

  • Our own Vi Wickam and Steve Eulberg rock this tune at the Winter Farmer's Market in Fort Collins, CO.

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