Joy to the World
Arranged for Hammered Dulcimer Players

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1. Introduction Linda introduces this wonderful Christmas carol with a multiple-bounce roll, follwed by a simple 4-note descending scale that brings to mind the sound of Christmas bells calling people to come worship the newborn King.
2. Line 1, Part A The first part of line 1 is a descending scale played with the left hammer, accompanied by a drone on G with the right hammer.
3. Line 1, Part B In this phrase, we continue the descending scale with the left hammer, accompanied by harmony notes played on the bass bridge with the right hammer.
4. Line 2, Part A In this lesson, we only work on the first two words of line 2 ... "Let earth".
5. Line 2, Part B We continue line 2 by learning the notes to play for just two words again ... "receive her".
6. Line 2, Part C Finally, we start the ending of line 2 with a multiple-bounce roll followed by a descending scale - all played for just the one word "King."
7. Line 3 Parts A and B of line 3 are both the same, with the left hammer playing a descending scale again, and the right hammer accompanying with a drone note.
8. Line 4 Linda introduces this lesson by emphasizing the importance of muscle memory for keeping one hand in the right place while repeating a drone note, and reviewing the multiple bounce roll.
9. Line 5 The pattern for line 5 is exactly like line 4, except it moves down one step or string.
10. Line 6, Part A Now we begin the first part of the last line of this tune, and it begins with a G arpeggio.
11. Line 6, Part B And here e learn the final chords of the tune.
12. Modulating from D to G Now have fun with this carol in two keys, as Linda shows you how to modulate from the Key of D to the Key of G.

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Music GlobeExtras

  • Story behind this loved Christmas tune

  • Lyrics for "Joy to the World"

  • You will enjoy this video of Joy to the World played by Dan Landrum and Mark Alan Wade. The chord progressions they used add color and interest to this arrangement. And what about Dan's hair!

  • This version of Joy to the World by Mark Wade rocks! Mark was the first place winner in the 1998 National Hammered Dulcimer Championship in Winfield, Kansas, and is one of America's premier Hammered Dulcimer Soloists and Clinicians.

  • MP3 rhythm back-up tracks

PDF Drills4Skills: Multiple Bounce

Video Lessons and Animations

  • Right Hammer Multiple-Bounce Stroke
  • Left Hammer Multiple-Bounce Stroke
  • Alternating Hammers Multiple-Bounce Roll
A multiple bounce stroke occurs when a hammer is allowed to bounce several times before the other hammer strikes. Instead of striking the hammer, hold the hammer above the strings and let it drop. You can use finger pressure to control the number of times the hammer bounces - two, three, even four or more times. The bouncing action comes from the hammer itself, and should not be forced by a wristed motion.

You can extend this sound with a multiple-bounce roll, a series of two or more multiple bounce strokes using alternating hammers. These rolls are most effective when you relax and focus on making the bounces sound as even and smooth as possible.

Joy to the World