I Wonder, As I Wander
Arranged for Hammered Dulcimer Players in A minor

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Getting Started Steve explains a little about the origin of the tune, and shows how to use the "Utah shape" to get started.
2. Simple Melody The melody can be played completely on the left side of the treble bridge, except for the "C", which is played on the bass bridge.
3. Part 1, Arpeggios
Phrase A
Here Steve breaks down, note by note, his own ideas for embellishing the first two phrases of the tune.
4. Part 1, Arpeggios
Phrase B
In this phrase, Steve adds "walking" the middle notes into his G arpeggio, and finishes with the E7 chord.
5. Part 1, Arpeggios
Phrases A & B Togehter
Noq we review all the arrangement variations Steve uses in his version of this tune.
6. Part 2: Waltz
Phrase A
The first section is played with broken chords and melody. In the second section, the melody is played with hammers together.
7. Part 2: Waltz
Phrase B
Part B is played in the same style, with hammers together for the most part.
8. Part 3: Low Octave Answering
Phrase A
Steve plays the melody on the bass bridge with his right hammer, answering with a drone on E and D with the left hammer. This is followed by a very extended D chord. It may help to think of this chord as the shapes named by Steve as he plays through the chord.
9. Part 3: Low Octave Answering
Phrase A
Again Steve plays the melody against an answering drone, adding a descending broken chord midway through.
10. Harmonic Finally Steve plays through an embellished ending, and demonstrates a little trick that enables you to play a note one octave higher on the same string.
11. All the Way Through Finally, Steve plays through the entire tune three time - demonstrating the techniques taught in this lesson.

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  • Melody Simplified
  • Chords
  • Melody, Lower Octave
  • Waltz

I Wonder, As I Wander


  • Melody, Phrase A
  • Melody, Phrase B
  • Waltz, Phrase A
  • Waltz, Phrase B

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  • Melody, Phrase A
  • Melody, Phrase B
  • Waltz, Phrase A
  • Waltz, Phrase B

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  • The story behind I Wonder, As I Wander

  • Lyrics for the carol

  • This beautiful hammered dulcimer and guitar arrangement by Steve and Ruth Smith is available on their Winter / Christmas CD, "An Appalachian Winter." available at www.steveandruth.com. Steve and Ruth Smith are a duo from Western North Carolina near Boone who play a blend of Celtic Appalachian traditional and original music.

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