(Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus)

By Karen Muller, for Mountain Dulcimer Players in D-A-d Tuning
Offering Strumming AND Fingerpicking Versions

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About the Lessons

1. Demo First Karen explains that Hyfrydol, meaning "cheerful", is a Welsh hymn tune that appears in a number of Christian hymnals in various arrangements and with different names. Then Karen plays through the entire tune for us.
2. Chords, A Part Karen demonstrates how to play the chords and melody of the A part, while exemplifying a minimum of finger movement.
3. Chords, B Part Next Karen shows us how to play the chords and melody of the B part, again with a minimum of finger movement.
4. Strum Play Along Now Karen strums through the entire tune.
5. Preparing to Fingerpick You could choose to use your thumb, index, and middle finger to fingerpick. But Karen finds it more comfortable to use her index, middle, and ring finger, and she anchors her thumb on the side of the fretboard.
6. Fingerpicking Karen explains there are things not written in the tab, but implied. For example, you will continue to press on the strings that form a chord, while fingerpicking that chord.
7. Connect the Dots "Connect the dots" means that we will connect the melody notes, and bring out the melody by playing those notes a little louder than the other notes forming the chord.
8. Fingerpicking Patterns There are fingerpicking patterns that show up in a lot of tunes. Karen demonstrates the pattern that works best for this tune. It is good to practice this pattern before you even begin to think about learning the chords with your other hand.
9. Building Chords, B Part One way fingerpicking can be easier than strumming is that you don't always have to press down the strings for the chord all at one time. It buys you a little extra time to find your way along.
10. Final Considerations Karen prefers to pick with the pads of her fingers, rather than her fingernails. Finally, she encourages us to develop our own version of this tune with our own combination of strumming and fingerpicking.

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Music GlobeExtras

  • The story behind the tune

  • Enjoy this beautiful, flowing arrangement by Gwen Caeli with twinning harmmonies.

  • Here is a sweet rendition of the tune, played in a fingerpicking style by Linda Brockman on her mountain dulcimer.

  • Next Timothy Seaman plays the tune for us on his Dusty Strings D600 hammered dulcimer.

  • If you're new to fingerpicking (aka fingerstyle), or need a good review, Nina Zanetti offers a detailed lesson with 18 videos on this technique.

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