Higgedy Jig
Composed by Vi Wickam

Taught by Steve Eulberg for Hammered Dulcimer Players in G

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About the Lessons

1. Demonstration This tune was composed by our own Vi Wickam in the key of G, and is in 6/8 time with the accent on the 1st and 4th beat. First Steve plays through the tune for us.
2. Jig Timing This is a double jig, which means we are playing on every beat of the measure. Therefore, it is best to alternate hammers on every beat.
3. Part A
Learning One Hand
Steve starts with his right hammer playing D on the bass bridge. Then we have the option of playing the next D, an octave higher, on the right side or the left side of the treble bridge. Steve explains which is the best choice for himself, and then demonstrates playing the entire tune with the right hammer, and then the left.
4. Hammering Choices Some notes can only be found in one place on a hammered dulcimer. Because we want to alternate hammers as much as possible, this will affect the choices we make when choosing where to play a note with two options for finding it.
5. B Part You could choose to play the first phrase of Part B in a more linear form on the left side of the treble bridge. But Steve finds it more comfortable to play across the treble bridge.
6. Parts A & B Together Steve warns us not to make the tune sound like a machine gun, and this could happen since you are striking a string on every beat. Instead, use the accents on the 1st and 4th beat to make it feel like a jig.
7. Chords Because this is a double jig where we're playing on every beat, the accompanying chords can be simple - just striking on the first and fourth beat.
8. Twinning, Part A A twinning harmony is usually a third above the melody. You will hear twinning in Steve and Vi's recording of Higgedy Jig.
9. Twinning, Part B First Steve plays the twinning arranagement for Part B slowly, and then speeds it up.
10. Conclusion Finally, Steve plays through the entire tune one last time.

PDFSheet Music

  • Melody Only
  • Harmonizing Parts


  • Melody, Part A
  • Melody, Part B

  • Twinning, Part A
  • Twinning, Part B

Music GlobeExtras

  • This original tune by Vi is included in Vi and Steve's CD Fiddle Whamdiddle. Vi was the Colorado State fiddling champion twice and a 4-time finalist in the Grand Masters’ Fiddler Contest. Steve has won 5 prizes in the National Mountain Dulcimer Championship and 3 times been a finalist in the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship. Listen to their recording of Higgedy Jig.

  • Here is Vi playing Higgedy Jig on his fiddle for Day 181 of his Fiddle Tune a Day.

  • Get a feel for the trademark rhythm of a jig, where the accent is on the 1st and 4th beat, as Vi plays Swallowtail Jig. This is a tune that was brought to America by the Irish immigrants.

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