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For Hammered Dulcimer Players Only

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1. Building Chords 1-3-5 All chords required 3 notes, which is why they are called Triads. The Major chord is built on the 1st, 3rd and 5th steps of the scale. Starting on Marked course, these are easy to find.
2. Testing the Theory When working on the Treble bridge, these patterns can move around reliably on the dulcimer. We test this in the D, the A, the G and the C boxes.
3. Bass Bridge Now we look at how the patterns work when beginning on the bass bridge.
4. Slide Treble Now we look at the chords when we start on a Marked Course on the Left side of the Treble Bridge, and we review the Portable Shapes between the bridges.
5. Minor Chords Now we'll take what we learned for major chords and move them one course away to make minor chords!
6. Minor: Move a Box In the last lesson we saw that the major shapes, when moved up one course of strings, produced a minor chord. Here we test that shape in the A box to see if it still holds true.
7. G and C Boxes We'll use the minor shape in the G (am) and C (dm) boxes.
8. Between the Bridges Now we'll see how this same minor shape works between the bridges.
9. Minor Starting 1 Below a Marked Course When we use the triangle and ladder patterns starting one below a mark, we get a different result, but they are the same patterns.
10. Testing the 1 Below Pattern in other Boxes Now we move this set of patterns around in the D A and C Boxes.
11. Minor Starting 1 Course Below a Mark on the Bass Bridge As before we get the same results for the different patterns, but now only two possibilities.
12. Minor Chords 1 Below Marked Course, Left Side of Treble Bridge Finally, we explore these shapes (only two work) on the Left side of the Treble Bridge.

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  • A good follow-up for this lesson, reinforcing your knowledge of the triangle and ladder patterns, is Extending Chords, also taught by Steve Eulberg.
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