By Steve Eulberg, for Mountain Dulcimer Players in D-A-d Tuning

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About the Lessons

1. Intro & Demonstration First Steve tells us a little bit about the background for his original tune, Eos, and how it got its name. Then he plays through it once with a nice bossa nova beat.
2. Mapping the Chords The tune has rich chords, but Steve demonstrates how to we are able to play these chords on a 3-string instrument.
3. Unornamented 1st Phrase This tune includes hammer-ons and pull-offs. You can review that technique here. Steve likes to use "freedom picks" to fingerpick this tune. Note how he uses the bass string as a bass note and answers with the other strings.
4. Unornamented 2nd Phrase This phrase has an interesting octave jump, from the 5th fret to the 11th. Steve explains that those little dots over the notes are staccatos, and he shows how to do that.
5. B Part, Phrase 1 The B Part is twice as long, so we will only do it once. Again, Steve demonstrates the chords, one by one.
6. B Part, Phrase 2 After demonstrating the chords, Steve explains that the D.C. al Capo means to go back to the very beginning, not the repeat sign, but the first measure with the intoductory lick.
7. Coda The last time you play through the tune you will go to the "Coda," aka the "final ending."
8. With Articulations This time, Steve adds the hammer-ons and pull-offs at the beginning and the ending.
9. Slowly Steve plays through the piece slowly, calling out the articulations as he goes along.
10. Finale - Play Along Finally Steve goes through the entire tune, playing the A Part twice, the B Part once and moving straight to the Coda to finish.


  • Melody & Chords


  • A Part

  • B Part, 1st Phrase

  • B Part, 2nd Phrase

Music GlobeExtras

  • The story behind the name of this tune, Eos.

  • Steve talks about his background, and how he got bitten by the "guitar bug," which led to writing his original tune, Eos, and recording this CD.
    Between the Tracks
  • Enjoy Steve playing the guitar version of our lesson for his new CD, Between the Tracks. This 13-track, 44 minute CD is a fine offering of relaxing, modern solo guitar magic that serves up a wide range of jazzy and bluesy acoustic instrumentals.

    In October, 2019, Steve share the good news that his single from the CD, "Walking Down the Trail" rose to #4 on the Roots Music Report (Alternative Folk Song) and the whole CD rose to #12 (Alternative Folk Album). In addition, Steve charted as an Artist (#19) for the first time on the Folk-DJ list and the album also charted at #14 for August '19'.

  • FYI: Eos is available on Spotify and Pandora.
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