Joshua Messick uploaded an very informative info-video on November 17, 2018, answering the questions he is most frequently asked. We were proud to note that, at the end, he gave Dulcimer Crossing an endorsement as a good place to learn to play the dulcimer online.


Steve . . . I just signed up for Dulcimer Crossing yesterday afternoon. Just wanted to let you know that your lesson on Celtic Music – Reels – Video 1 was worth the entire month’s payment! I had been finding my I, IV, V chords by jumping all over the dulcimer ,finding the box for each chord – i.e. using the D box for D, the G box for G and the A box for A. What a revelation to discover that by using your shape diagrams, I can easily find all three chords in the same area on the dulcimer! Thank you so much!

Hi Steve. I am so excited – I just listened to your videos and explanation of modes. I have been trying to understand modes in the program I am taking to become a Certified Clinical Musician. Modes totally confused me and I couldn’t understand why I needed to understand these. Well, first of all, the course I am taking talks mainly about harp playing so the concepts are the same somewhat but at the same time do not relate to a hammered dulcimer. Understanding modes is a big part of learning to play healing music. After listening to your videos on modes, I completely understand them. I think it also helps that you go back into the history of modes and explain why there are modes. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much. I am also enjoying all the other videos. I am an intermediate player so I find a lot of information in your videos and the videos of the other teachers so very helpful. $19.95 a month is a small price to pay to get all this information. Plus I can pick and choose what I want depending on what area I want to find out about or improve my technique.

Thanks again!

Hi, Steve. I just finished the tune Cripple Creek. I had played it on my fiddle in the past but not on the dulcimer. I loved the way you described the chording – it is very helpful for understanding how it all fits together. Then the best part was playing the backup parts with my HD. I really had fun with it. It’s very simple, but complicated at the same time. The rhythmic beat is also so helpful in getting the timing right. Thanks so much for providing a site like this!

Thank you so much. You are a real jewel. One of the things I like most about Dulcimer crossing is you all always respond, even if it is to say "we are working on that" or "almost there." We know someone is there and listening and cares. I have been with other schools where that is not true. I also like that something is coming monthly. I look forward to those lessons. Again my money well spent. Thanks again.
Just wanted to drop you a line to say keep up the good work. Steve and I have truly enjoyed DC since we signed up. Give our thanks to Linda, too. We also love the guest artists.

Hammered DulcimerI'm a national champion, have been playing the dulcimer for 18 years, and I never want to stop learning the dulcimer. Steve's teaching helped me understand my instrument better and his clear, planned explanations helped me comprehend quickly. Some teachers only teach tunes and fail to teach the instrument. Steve does both effectively. I highly recommend Dulcimer Crossing.

Joshua Messick

I have trouble learning by ear and watching the player's hands on a video.  I can't always tell what note he is playing. Your animations do the trick, they are a big help. I also really like the history that is included.  I wish I had these programs  back in the mid-1970's when I got my first dulcimers.  Keep up the good work.  

Just wanted to say thank you again. Your online instruction is very easy to follow and very supportive. I played "Twinkle, Twinkle" at my women's group Thursday.  None of them had ever seen or heard a mountain dulcimer before.  They aren't common here in NJ.  I'm certainly not ready for the concert circuit, but it was very exciting to perform anything musical for my friends. 

 I'm loving the lessons, so want to keep the subscription going for sure, especially as you keep adding things - I'm planning to start on the new chord lessons you just added. I've been learning some of the Celtic tunes and have really been enjoying it - compared to books I'd tried in the past, it so much easier to learn with clear video instruction accompanied by sheet music and the other tools like animations. I feel like I'm actually playing, AND learning so much about the instrument at the same time. Just this week I finally took the leap of removing the paper note strips from my dulcimer, which felt like a huge leap forward! I'll probably still need them for learning new tunes, but for the exercises and songs I've already learned, I'm quite comfortable without them.

I am still not using your website as much as I want (other time restraints), but I just love knowing all those lessons and tips are waiting for me anytime I can get to it.  I have been mostly self taught since I am in an area where almost NO dulcimer activity happens, so  with your help I have already learned so much!  Things that I should have figured out, but didn't, and oh so many playing helps--this is just great!  Love, love, love this opportunity! Thanks for all you do.

I play both hammered and mountain dulcimer (and guitar, and a little bit of bodhran, spoons, tiny bit of penny whistle and wooden flute). I play in a local band (Celtic, old-time, some originals). In the group, I've traditionally played more hammered dulcimer but we have been increasing my use of the mountain dulcimer and enjoying that. The dual options within your site is part of what appealed to me when considering spending money to access more tunes-as-lessons with demo, notation, and some arrangement ideas. I thought it might be a nice way to look at tunes for either instrument and see what settles while also continuing to (gradually) shore up my basics as well as play with some advanced techniques.

Thank you for providing online instruction for the mountain dulcimer. I have two friends that I have encouraged to learn to play. It's a good feeling to see others get excited about learning to play the mountain dulcimer.

I have improved my playing since I joined Dulcimer Crossing.  I have also added your information to the INFO Board  at the Music Studio where I bought my dulcimers. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it since there are no groups around here to play with and no teachers.

Thanks for all your work. Enjoying everything on the website. Keep up the good work.  

By the way, my compliments to you both and to Dulcimer Crossing for the online lessons. They’re so well done and of significant help to learning this instrument. Loving the new Absolute Beginner series too!

Thanks so much for your website.  I'm really looking forward to learning even more in year 2:) 

Guys, I am so thrilled.  You just have no idea.  I absolutely love the new beginner section.  I think you are on a great track!  Some of it I may know, but a refresher is always good.  And it will also help me learn your teaching "style" and make the future lessons much easier to understand since I'll have the vocabulary down. 

Your website is fantastic, and inspiring. It is so incredibly helpful for a beginner like me.

Thank you. I've been looking all over for a teacher. I just got my dulcimer from a pawn shop. It intriqued me so . .

I love the songs and the instruction that are available on DulcimerCrossing. The site is well-organized and easy to navigate. I highly recommend this site!

I've been working some on the multiple bounce rolls to help with control. My grip seems to be getting better.

I found what is most helpful right now is working on argeggios. So I've been going through Holy, Holy, Holy and those arpeggio drills. This is helping me learn chords, which has always been a hard thing for me to pick up.

I love the absolute beginners classes.I know I will learn from them and need them.  Thanks so much for the reply and am looking forward to all your teaching.

It's very reassuring that you are out there with such prompt support. Thank you!

I'll check out "Soaring" in a minute - that's what finally enticed me to sign up!  As a devoted "Steve follower," I've enjoyed watching this venture take shape.

I am looking forward to the lessons.  Even though I have been teaching music for 28 years, I have wanted to learn to play dulcimer for a long time.  I haven't found anyone else who plays here, but am hoping that a few of my piano students who take an interest.

I've had my hammered dulcimer for several years, but since I retired from teaching (music) it's been in a corner and I determined this morning to try and find a teacher so I will be accountable to practice as I should on my beautiful instrument.  And I found your web site which will suit me perfectly. I'm also a piano teacher, teach a handbell ensemble (if we get enough boys and girls) at the university in my town, and play the piano for a small church on Sundays.

I haven't worked on my dulcimer much in a while, but I got it out today and checked your website. Wow...you've added a lot since I was there!  Looks good.  I appreciate the videos of Steve playing the MD, especially when the camera is looking down on the instrument.  I can't keep up, but I'll keep trying! 

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your input, when I reached out to you, about my disappointment over family obligations overtaking my musical endeavors. You were/are, of course, right when you told me that I should not worry about it, and rejoice in my children (which I do). So, I've taken your advice to heart and again; thank you.

Thank you!  Please, continue on with Old Joe Clark.  I can't wait to get home from work so I can get started.

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