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How to Choose a Hammered Dulcimer
How to Choose a Mountain Dulcimer
Where to Get A Dulci-Bro
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  Mountain dulcimer players, have you taken the "Dulcimer Pledge" yet? If not, this is something you should do. Today.
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  A New Tool for Tuning Hammered Dulcimers: Dulci-Tune
Comments & Video on Dulci-Tune: Hammered Dulcimer Accessory
  The popular fiddle tune "Off She Goes” was popular throughout the British Isles and North America. Some sources say that, in the days of sailing, it was a tradition for the fiddle player to sit on the deck of the ship playing “Off She Goes” as the ship departed harbor.
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Video: Introduction to Dulcimer Crossing
Video: Exploring a Free Lesson
Video: Staying Up To Date
PDF: Our Reprinting Policy
Explanation of Skill Levels & When to Progress to Next Level: Lesson Progression

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Interactive: Treble Note Quiz
PDF: Theory Overview
PDF: # 1: Sound, Pitch, Tone, Timbre
PDF: # 2: String Physics for Dulcimers
PDF: # 3: The Musical Alphabet
PDF: # 4: Scales & Modes
PDF: # 5: Whole & Half Steps
PDF: # 6: Musical Notation
PDF: # 7: Musical Staff
PDF: # 8: Musical Vocabulary
PDF: # 9: Rhythm Practice Sheet #1
PDF: # 10: Rhythm Practice Sheet #1
PDF: A Concise Guide to Decoding Chord Symbols
PDF: Modes & Key Signatures
PDF: What is the Circle of Fifths/Fourths
PDF: Uses of the Circle of Fifths/Fourths

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Lesson Series: Tuning a Mountain Dulcimer
Video: Map of the Mountain Dulcimer
Video: Tablature Explained for Mountain Dulcimer
PDF: Notes in 4 Common Tunings
PDF: The Applachian Mountain Dulcimer: Examining the Creation of an “American Tradition
PDF: MD Tablature for D-A-A Tuning
PDF: MD Tablature for D-A-d Tuning
PDF: MD Tablature for D-A-C Tuning
PDF: MD Tablature for D-A-G Tuning
PDF: MD Tablature for D-G-d Tuning
PDF: Dulcibro Tablature for D-F#-A-d Tuning
PDF: DulcibroTablature for D-F#-A-B Tuning
PDF: DulcibroTablature for D-G-B-d Tuning
PDF: Grand Staff
PDF: Lead Sheet
PDF: Chord Shapes for D-A-d tuning
PDF: Chord Shapes for D-A-A tuning
PDF: Chord Shapes for D-A-C tuning
PDF: Chord Shapes for D-G-d tuning

PDFs: Equi-Distant String Tablature Paper
1. D'-D-A-d Tuning: 1'-1-5-8
2. D-A-A#-d Tuning: 1-5-5#-8
3. D-A-d-d Tuning: 1-5-8-8
4. D-G-Bb-d Tuning: 5-1-b3-5
5. You Choose the Tuning: EquiDistant Tablature

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Video: How to Tune A Hammered Dulcimer
Video: Anatomy of the Hammered Dulcimer
Video: Where are My Chromatics?
Video: HD & the Modes
Video: Tablature Explained for Hammered Dulcimer
Video: HD Tablature Compared, Part A
Video: HD Tablature Compared, Part B
Video Exercise: The Tuning Game
PDF: Hammered Dulcimer String Chart
PDF: Grand Staff
PDF: Lead Sheet
PDF: Modes on the Hammered Dulcimer
Interactive: Play the D Scale 3 Ways
Interactive: String Recognition Quiz
Interactive: String-2-Note in D
Interactive: String-2-Note in G

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