Arranged for Mountain Dulcimer Players
NOTE: This is played in DGd Tuning

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Demonstration Steve demonstrates this fun tune.
2. Form of the Tune and the Story Behind It. After introducing the uniqueness of this meter, Steve talks about the unique rigging of this ship inspired this tune.
3. A Part In this episode we learn about the DGd tuning and the first section of this tune and how it uses the 3s and 4s.
4. B Part This segment unlocks the second part of the tune, using a different variation of the 3s and 4s.
5. C Part The final part of the tune uses sets of 2s and 3s.
6. Putting the Parts together Now that we have all the pieces, it is time to put them together.
7. Right Hand We’ve spent all this time paying attention to the left hand, now it is time to explore what the Right hand is doing, using both Jig Strum 1 and Jig Strum 2.
8. Playing on the Bass String Because both melody and bass strings are tuned to the same pitch, although an octave apart, the melody can be played on the same frets on the Bass string, too.
9. Playing on the Middle String Although we start in a different place, the tune can be played entirely on the Middle string, too. 
10. Flatpicking across the strings Finally we look at playing this tune in a flat picked style—playing across all the strings.
11. Putting all the places to play together in an arrangement Now that we have all these places to play, we use all of them in an arrangement.
12. Playing Chords: A Part Steve introduces some DGd chord shapes and we play through them for the A Part.
13. Playing Chords: 
B & C Parts
Here we have some alternate chord shapes in the DGd tuning, that fit well with these sections of the tune.
14. Right Hand Strum and Putting All the Parts together The rhythm of this tune in the 7/8 meter is emphasized when playing chords, both by accenting and strum type.  Steve prefers the Jig Strum 2 to make this emphasis plain as we play through the entire tune using chords.
  • Melody

  • Chords
  • Melody, Parts A & B
  • Melody, Part C
  • Chords, Parts A & B
  • Chords, Part C

For Mobile Devices

  • Melody, Parts A & B
  • Melody, Part C
  • Chords, Parts A & B
  • Chords, Part C
Music GlobeExtras
  • Story behind the tune

  • YouTube Video: Steve Eulberg & Butch Ross Sailing Key West - the sailing trip in January that inspired this tune