Butch Ross
Butch Ross

Butch transforms the lowly mountain dulcimer into a virtuoso's instrument, drawing from it unexpected power and expressiveness. He mixes old country and Appalachian songs with his own wordy, literate, poetic ballads about people, places, and situations you might read about in a good book of short stories. He has a strong clear voice and a stage presence of boyish charm." (Minstrel Coffeehouse)

"Butch Ross is a rockstar. He plays the mountain dulcimer and in case you're thinking "Rockstar? Mountain Dulcimer? Doesn't compute," let me fill you in on a little something. Butch Ross does something that no one else can touch. What he does is amazing. His genius is in the fact that he found something unique to him and he just worked it to a point where no one can come close to matching it. He's seriously brilliant." (Hayley Graham)

Watch Butch's video as he tells us a little more about himself.

Level 4 Instrument Bulder's House
First Butch plays a spirited arrangement of his original tune. Next Butch teaches the melody for each of the three parts. And finally he demonstrates several variations and embellishments.
Level 2 Internal Metronome
Butch believes that rhythm is a skill that everyone can learn and which will improve our timing and performance. In this series, Butch leads us through several exercises that will help us tap into our "internal metronome."
Level 2 Looping Lesson Series
Looping is playing one musical pattern and saving, recording the next pattern and saving, and then playing a melody against the recorded backup tracks.
Level 2 Right Hand Techniques
In the 1st video, Butch describes and demonstrates his right hand strumming technique: Air Strumming, Constant Strumming, and Accenting. In the 2nd episode, Butch goes deeper into his right hand technique, drawing on his punk and rock background
Level 2 Sweet Spotted Pony
Spotted Pony is a traditional Missouri tune from R.P. Christeson's book, The Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory. First Erin Mae teaches both standard and chromatic mountain dulcimer players how to play this tune in the D-A-d tuning. Then Butch takes it to the next level with his breakdown version that he calls Sweet Spotted Pony.

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