Fingerstyle dulcimer playing is the technique of playing the dulcimer by plucking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails, or picks attached to fingers, as opposed to flatpicking (plucking individual notes with a pick).

Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg

Eos is an original tune by Steve Eulberg. Eos is the goddess of dawn in Greek mytholody, and Steve wrote this tune early in the morning. You can also enjoy Steve fingerpicking the tune on guitar on his new CD, Between the Tracks. This 13-track, 44 minute CD is a fine offering of relaxing, modern solo guitar magic that serves up a wide range of jazzy and bluesy acoustic instrumentals.

Nina Zanetti Nina Zanetti Fingerstyle
In this lesson, Nina introduces the fingerstyle technique.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Funeral March of a Marionette
Funeral March of a Marionette (also known as the Theme for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents") is in D-A-C tuning. The storyline is about a marionette who has died in a duel.
  • The A Part, in D minor, represents the funeral procession.
  • The B Part in D major depicts the mourners enjoying refreshments before returning to the funeral march (A Part) again.
Nina Zanetti Nina Zanetti Harmonics
Using the understanding of string physics, Nina describes the “nodes” on the string as places to find natural harmonics - the other tones that vibrate along with string that was plucked.
Hyfrydol (Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus)
The tune Hyfrydol (meaning “tuneful” or “pleasant”) was composed by the Welsh composer Roland H. Pritchard when he was only 19. In 1744, Charles Wesley wrote words to go with this meldoy. You will recognize this as the beautiful Advent hymn, “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus." Karen teaches this tune two ways: strumming chords on all strings and fingerpicking.
Nina Zanetti Nina Zanetti Loch Lomond
Most of the lyrics in this a traditional Scottish tune are connected to the Jacobite Uprising of 1745. One interpretation based on the lyrics is that the song was sung by the lover of a captured Jacobite rebel set to be executed in London following a show trial. 
Nina Zanetti Nina Zanetti Lord Randall
According to Celtic mythology, people were not allowed in the depth of a forest where fairies and elves were believed to live. But in this English ballad, Lord Randall challenged the taboo.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Moderato in C
Moderato in C was written by Fernando Sur for classical guitarists. However, the exercise lends itself very well to the mountain dulcimer in the D-A-d tuning or you can retune your dulcimer to C-G-c to keep the piece in its original key.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
This tune was harmonized by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) in the early 18th century, and is the arrangement that is most used in the North American hymnals.

“O Sacred Head” is a hymn typically played during Holy Week, a time of reflection on what Jesus Christ has done for us. Specifically, this hymn commemorates what took place at the time of the crucifixion on Good Friday.
Nina Zanetti Nina Zanetti Playing Expressively
Nina talks about why she uses an intellectual and methodical approach to playing expressively, and why this helps in unsettling situations.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg

Prelude 1, Opus 6
This prelude was composed by Mateo Carcassi, a well-known Italian classical guitarist. Steve has taken this tune written for the guitar and applied it to the dulcimer. It not only has a beautiful melody but also serves well as a warm-up exercise. The tune is played in triplets, with a bass-middle-melody fingerstyle flow.

Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Raindrop Prelude
Frédéric Chopin's Prelude, Opus 28, No. 15, is fondly known as the Raindrop Prelude. The weather when he wrote this prelude was apparently very wet, and Chopin is said to have composed the piece so the note repeated throughout the work represents the sound of steady falling raindrops.

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