Absoute Beginners
This Absolute Beginner series of lessons is designed to take you from square one in a step-by-step fashion, through sequential lessons designed to answer your questions, demonstrate and encourage best practices and get you playing music quickly.  Best of all, because you'll understand what you are doing, you can transfer that knowledge and these skills to the other music you want to play in no time!

Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg String-Side UP for Hammered Dulcimer Players
Hammered dulcimer players should start here. This is a series of 30 videos beginning by going over the parts of the hammered dulcimer and how it is laid out.
Hammerred Dulcimer
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg String-Side UP for Mountain Dulcimer Players
Mountain dulcimer players should start here. This is a series of 30 videos starting by teaching the names of the parts of the dulcimer in order to better understand how to play it.
Mountain Dulcimer
Bill Robinson Bill Robinson Flexible Hammers
Bill gives a detailed explaination of how to hold flexible hammers.
Hammered Dulcimer
Steve Eulberg

Linda Ratcliff
Steve Eulberg

Linda Ratcliff

Golden Slippers
Mountain dulcimer players will learn to play a drone melody in D-A-A and D-A-d tunings, and how to play chords for back-up or to accompany singing. For hammered dulcimer players, Linda teaches the two versions of the tune in key of D, adding a drone accompaniment.
Mountain & Hammered Dulcimer
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Hammer Control
Saying the word Mississippi for rhythm control, Steve takes us through an exercise to help you gain better control of your hammers and eye-hand coordination. First try the exercise leading off with the right hand, then leading with the left hand.
Hammered Dulcimer
Matthew Dickerson Matthew Dickerson Hammers & Hammering
Hammers are like a pair of shoes ... one size does not fit all. In this series, Matthew will point out differences between hammers, and how to pick a set of hammers that will feel comfortable in your hands, the parts of the hammers, how to hold the hammers, and how to stand comfortably when using them.
Hammered Dulcimer
Erin Mae Lewis Erin Mae
How to Practice
Erin explains that when she was a music student, no one ever really told her HOW to practice. In this series, she gives us a few suggestions for a successful 30-minute practice session.
Mountain & Hammered Dulcimer
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Introduction to the Dulci-Bro
In the introduction, Steve points out the different parts of this unique hybrid instrument and see how it relates to mountain dulcimers. Steve also covers several techniques that are needed when playing slide style on an instrument and a few tips to keep in mind that are different from regular mountain dulcimer playing.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Left Hand Techniques
The familiar "style" with slide playing comes from a left hand technique that produces vibrato. In this lesson, we will use the frets as markers to find the usual chords we expect to see on a dulcimer.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Lesson Progression
This page gives an explanation for each of the "Playing Levels." Also included is a list of skills that are to be developed at each level.
Mountain & Hammered Dulcimer & Dulci-Bro
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Right Hand Techniques
In this lesson, we turn our attention to the right hand, the home position, and our first two picking patterns.
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Tuning a Mountain Dulcimer
Steve hows us four of his mountain dulcimers - each with a different tuning layout, and then demonstrates how to tune to 1-5-5 and 1-5-8 intervals.
Mountain Dulcimer
Steve Eulberg Steve Eulberg Using a Strap
Playing with a strap allows the player to play standing up! Here we look at how to use the strap and why.

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