The Internal Metronome
For Mountain Dulcimer Players by Guest Instructor Butch Ross

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1. Part 1: The Internal Metronome Butch believes that Rhythm is a skill that everyone can learn and which will improve our timing and performance.
2. Part 2: Developing the Technique Butch uses your dominant strum always on the DownBeat of the tune to strengthen your sense of timing.
3. Part 3a: Feeling the Internal Metronome Using the familiar “Boil’em Cabbage” and the bum-diddy strum we explore our sense of internal timing. Then we flip it backwards and use the diddy-bum strum.
4. Part 3b: Switching the Strums By alternating the use of both strums from Lesson 3 Butch helps us keep the internal rhythm going.
5. Part 4: Feeling the Different Grooves from Different Strums Butch describes how his body feels with the different strums.
6. Part 5: Using African Drumming (Djembe) Techniques to Hone Rhythm Using vocal counting, hand clapping and a simple but important 1-2-3-4 rhythm Butch helps establish a strong sense of the internal metronome’s beat.
7. Part 6: Reversing the Clapping Rhythm Like the Bum-Diddy and Diddy-Bum strums from the earlier lessons, Butch reverses the beats on which we clap, while continuing the vocal counting.
8. Part 7: Switching the Clapping Now Butch switches which of the 1-2-3-4 beats are emphasized with clapping.
9. Part 8: Using Victor Wooten’s Bass Technique and an External Metronome Victor Wooten, the bass player in Bela Fleck’s “Flecktone” band, uses this technique with a fast metronome setting, which keeps getting cut in half while playing the tune at the same tempo. Soldier’s Joy is the demonstrated tune.
10. Part 9: Continuing with Victor’s Metronome Technique Butch still counts 1-2-3-4, but each clap alternates to the following beat to uncover and reinforce the expectation of the beat.
11. Part 10: Practicing the Internal Metronome Butch leads us through a clapping and counting exercise that helps us experience the Internal Metronome, AND reinforce how we can learn to trust it.
12. Part 11: Conclusion Butch uses his experience of an Art School class that seemed NOT to apply ended up affecting everything he did. Like using these exercises can help your playing!

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