Off She Goes
Also Known as Brochan Lom

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VideoAbout the Lessons
1. Demo Here Steve plays through the hammered dulcimer arrangement of Brachanloam.
2. Strathspey Rhythm In this lesson we'll apply what we learned in the Celtic Rhythms lesson about Strathspeys to an actual tune! (You can go and review if you're feeling rusty.)
3. A Part, Phrase 1 We'll break down the phrases that make up the A part of the tune and learn them in turn. Here we use the ladder pattern and the vocables in the strathspey lesson to help us develop "quick hammers"
4. A Part, Phrase 2 We take note of the intervals that are used in Phrases 1 and 2 in the A part of the song and how the 2nd phrase is a sequence of the first.
5. A Part, Phrase 3 Here is the phrase that will finish both the A and B parts of this tune, and it features the classic Strathspey rhythm
6. Putting the A Part All Together Now it is time to put all the Phrases of the A Part together!
7. Woodshedding Walk Down We visit the woodshed (repetition) to practice the Walk Down phrase and get it "into our hands."
8. Final Walk Up We've got all the other components of the A Part, now here is the final walk up.
9. Whole A Part Now we put ALL the A Part pieces together and play it.
10. B Part Demonstration Steve demonstrates the B Part of this Strathspey, noting the similarities in the rhythm pattern with the A Part.
11. Learning the B Part Now we tackle the B Part, but because the end is the same as the A, there is just this middle part we need to learn!
12. Proper Tempo In this lesson we discuss and learn the proper regal tempo for playing Strathspeys.
13. Alternate Hammers In this segment, Steve talks about plans for alternating hammers and getting the thinking out of the way.
14. Adding a Harmony Note In the B Section Steve shows where to find a nice harmony note help with the regal feel of this tune.
15. Up An Octave Now we take the whole tune up an octave, where the pattern plays exactly the same across the treble bridge!

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