Barlow Knife
For Hammered Dulcimer Players in the Key of G
Taught by Steve Eulberg

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VideoAbout the Lessons

1. Demo Unlike other traditional tunes, Barlow Knife has 3 parts. In this video, Steve plays the melody alone.
2. A Part Steve goes through the melody for the A part several times - first with both hands, then with his "trusted" hand alone, then with his "newer" hand alone, and finally alternating the starting hand. This has the benefit of mapping it in both sides of his brain.
3. B Part The A part was played completely on the left side of the treble bridge. The B part uses both sides of the treble bridge, starting with the right hammer.
4. A & B Together,
Plus the C Part
After playing through the A & B parts, Steve introduces the C Part, again starting with the right hammer.
5. All the Parts Together Steve pointed out that many of us have a bad habit of stopping when we make a mistake. So we get really good at stopping. Learn to keep on keepin' on - even if you mess up.
6. Lower Octave Everything that was played in the higher octave can also be played in a lower octave. This time you play between the right side of the treble bridge and the bass bridge.
7. Adding Harmony Steve adds harmony by adding the bass note first, and then he uses 3rd and 6th harmonizing notes.
8. Twin Harmony A twinning harmony is played a 3rd above the melody note. In this arrangement, Steve uses the C natural for the first time.
9. Playing Back-Up This is a 3 chord song - G, D, and C. When playing with others, it is good to let another instrumentalist take the melody, while you back up their playing with chords.
10. Play Along In the final video, Steve plays the back-up chords so you can play the melody along with him.

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Music GlobeExtras

  • Vi Facts about the Barlow knife and the background of the tune.

  • Lyrics to this catchy tune.

  • Here are Vi "The Fiddler" Wickam and Steve Eulberg playing Barlow Knife together. You can clearly hear the twin harmony in the arrangement. Barlow Knife is included on their Fiddle Whamdiddle CD.

  • Here is a version of the tune with an Irish flair. The melody is played on a wooden flute, accompanied by a button accordion, 5-string banjo, guitar, and a girl dancing an improvisational Irish step dance.

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