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Steve EulbergSteve Eulberg teaches both mountain and hammered dulcimers lessons at Dulcimer Crossing,  Steve is a 5-time national mountain dulcimer winner and 3-time national hammered dulcimer finalist.  He earned a Master of Music Education degree from Boston University.  Steve teaches dulcimers in his studio in San Mateo, CA, and is in demand at festivals, weekend and week-long dulcimer workshops across the USA.

For the past 30 years Steve has been weaving old-timey music with blues and contemporary tunes adding original songs into a tapestry of “smile-inducing, toe-tapping folkgrass” that captivates and energizes audiences of all ages.  His music has been featured on United Airlines’ Inflight Audio, PBS’s Roadtrip Nation and National Public Radio. An active touring musician, film and theater composer, he has had several songs in the Top 10 Independent Country Chart reported by The Music Review.

Steve is also a popular guitar instructor for JamPlay.com. He invites you to click on this JamPlay.com link and enter the code F36F22E9A for a free trial guitar lesson. Steve has prepared a video for you, telling a bit more about himself. You can contact him by email here.Linda Ratcliff

Linda Ratcliff is a hammered dulcimer teacher. Linda has been teaching all of her life. Her degree is in music education, and she taught piano for many years as well as working in elementary and middle school classrooms. Later, she moved into the arena of online teaching, and her first job was teaching English in Japan via the Internet for three years. She wrote a course called His Kids, eligible for CEU's for child care workers and providers in some states, now available online.

Linda has also prepared a video, telling more about herself. You can contact her by email here.

Our Guest Instructors

Erin Rogers

Erin Mae Lewis
is the youngest person to win the Mountain Dulcimer Contest - being only 17 in 2004 when she won. She is part of Scenic Roots, a duo with her sister, Amber, and has been a favorite teacher at the Colorado Dulcimer Festival for 3 different years.

Erin teaches an excellent lesson on the technique of flatpicking for mountain dulcimer players, Angeline the Baker, and St. Anne's Reel. In addition, she has contributed several lessons on the chromatic mountain dulcimer. You can contact her by email here.

Linda ThomasLinda Thomas' musical career began at age seven when she started playing piano. She eventually earned a degree in music education at Southwest Missouri State University and has taught music at the elementary school level for 35 years.

Linda became intrigued by the hammered dulcimer after hearing it played in live performance at the Walnut Valley Festival in the 1980's. "My formal training consisted of maybe five lessons to learn the tuning and set-up of the dulcimer; however, I consider myself pretty much a self-taught player." She quickly mastered the instrument and has become well known both in the US and in Europe as a performer, recording artist and instructor.

Linda took 2nd place in the Southern Regional Hammered Dulcimer Finals at Mountain View, Arkansas in 1994, 1995 and 1996. In 1997 Linda was a finalist in Lone Star State Dulcimer Competition and took first place there in 1999. In August, 2001 she was first place winner in the Scottish Highland Games Hammered Dulcimer Competition at Denver, Colorado.

Linda has prepared a video, telling more about herself. You can contact Linda by email here.

Nina ZanettiNina Zanetti is the 2008 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion.  She comes to the mountain dulcimer from a diverse musical background, including choral music, violin, viola, piano, and shape note singing.  She plays regularly at churches, historic sites, and community events and has taught workshops at dulcimer festivals throughout the country, including Western Carolina University, Arkansas Dulcimer Jamboree, Dulcimerville, Colorado Dulcimer Festival and Kentucky Music Week. 

Nina is especially fond of the “softer side of dulcimer” and has produced two books of gentle, finger-style solo arrangements for mountain dulcimer, as well as three books of duet arrangements with Beth Lassi.   She is featured on "Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Play Music for Christmas" (CD) and has also recorded a CD of solos and duets with Bill Collins. In  June, 2011, she released her first solo CD, “Beside Still Waters.”

Nina has prepared a video, telling more about herself. You can contact Nina by email here.

Bill RobinsonBill Robinson is a 3rd generation hammered dulcimer player living in St. Charles, IL. Known for his upbeat playing style, and unique dulcimer traditions handed down from generation to generation.

Bill is a master of the instrument, and has won many awards, as well as being inducted into the Fox Valley Arts Hall of Fame, honoring those who have achieved national and international recognition for their achievement in the arts. 

To see a complete list of Robinson's awards, click here. While you're there, watch this amazing documentary about Bill's hammered dulcimer music. And be sure to click here to see Bill demonstrate "Festival Rag" and tell about his background as a third generation dulcimer player.

You can contact Bill by email here.

Don PediDon Pedi was born into a musical family in Chelsea Massachusetts. On weekends, his grandfather, who died before Don was born, would close his barber shop for business, and open his home in the back as a gathering place for family and friends to share homemade food, fellowship and live music. Don's grandfather played guitar, mandolin and banjo. Don's uncle Frank made his living singing and playing music. Another gifted singer is Don's dad. He'll burst into song at the drop of a hat.

Don first laid eyes on a dulcimer being played by Richard Farina at a live performance by Mimi and Richard Farina in 1964, at the old corn Coffee House in Boston. Don was convinced that someday he would get himself a dulcimer and play it. And he did! At Fiddler's Grove, he won with such consistency, that in 1980 Don was declared "Master Dulcimer Player" and removed from future competition. Watch Don's video as he tells us a little more about himself. You can contact Don by email at donpedi@dulcimercrossing.com.

Butch RossButch Ross transforms the lowly mountain dulcimer into a virtuoso's instrument, drawing from it unexpected power and expressiveness. He mixes old country and Appalachian songs with his own wordy, literate, poetic ballads about people, places, and situations you might read about in a good book of short stories. He has a strong clear voice and a stage presence of boyish charm." (Minstrel Coffeehouse)

"Butch Ross is a rockstar. He plays the mountain dulcimer and in case you're thinking "Rockstar? Mountain Dulcimer? Doesn't compute," let me fill you in on a little something. Butch Ross does something that no one else can touch. What he does is amazing. His genius is in the fact that he found something unique to him and he just worked it to a point where no one can come close to matching it. He's seriously brilliant." (Hayley Graham)

Watch Butch's video as he tells us a little more about himself. You can contact Butch at butchross@dulcimercrossing.com.

Neal HellmanWe are very proud to add to our teaching staff Neal Hellman. He is a nationally acclaimed performer and teacher of the mountain dulcimer, and has been active in performing, writing, teaching, and recording acoustic music for the past 30 years.

Neal’s latest recording, Emma’s Waltz, is a colorful dance through traditional and contemporary acoustic music styles. Featuring seventeen different musicians playing compositions from Ireland, Scotland, Finland, America and France.

As founder, director and one of the primary artists of the Gourd Music record label, Neal has produced over forty albums, including Simple GiftsThe Fairie RoundTender ShepherdThe World Turned Upside Downand Jefferson’s Fiddle, creating a uniquely distinctive sound, featuring a variety of acoustic instrumental ensembles, rich in texture and tonal color.

Watch Neal's video as he introduces himself. You can contact Neal at nealhellman@dulcimercrossing.com. Robert Force

Robert Force is a performer and composer on the Appalachian dulcimer. He is also a producer, and the author of In Search of the Wild Dulcimer, Wild Dulcimer Songbook, and Pacific Rim Dulcimer Songbook. You can listen to the first video in Robert's new series" "Rhythm," by clicking here.

You can get to know Robert a little better as he introduces himself in this video.



Aubrey Atwater

Aubrey Atwater is an award-winning vocalist. Aubrey started playing music at the age of five when she tapped out "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" on the piano. Her only formal musical training was the seven years of classical piano lessons that followed. Near the end of high school, she started to play the guitar and sing popular folk songs of the '60s and '70s. At Brown University, she studied psychology, history, and French, and played often in coffeehouses and campus rallies.

After Aubrey met her husband. Elwood Donnelly, at the Stone Soup Coffeehouse in Providence, her career developed dramatically. They formed a duo, Atwater~Donnelly, in the fall of 1987, which quickly gained regional and then national popularity. Atwater~Donnelly specializes in American and Celtic traditional folk music and dance as well as original material. Since 1987 Aubrey has learned to play the Irish tin whistle, Appalachian mountain dulcimer, old-time banjo, mandolin, a variety of small percussion instruments as well as Appalachian clogging (step-dancing). The duo performs widely in the United States in coffeehouses and concert series, festivals, radio stations, television, colleges, libraries, and other events and their recordings receive international air play.

Listen to some of Aubrey's solos here. And watch this introductory video by Aubrey, as she tells the story of how her teaching method evolved. Use this link to contact Aubrey directly.

Vi WickamVi Wickam is a 3rd generation fiddler from Colorado. He has finished in the finals at the Grand Master Fiddling Championship and has also taught there. Together with Steve Eulberg, he is the other half of the band, Fiddle Whamdiddle. He is also host & owner of mytalentforge.com which features in-depth fiddle lessons, guitar (and some dulcimer lessons by Steve.)

In 2012 Vi committed to filming video and uploading a Fiddle Tune A Day, which is all available on Youtube and has been gathered together in an audio collection which is available on vithefiddler.com. He is in the process of transcribing all of the tunes as well. You can reach him at vi@vithefiddler.com. Click here to see Vi's introductory video.

Larry CongerLarry Conger is a graduate of The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Larry has been involved with music as a vocation for over 35 years. Besides being a popular performer and instructor at various dulcimer festivals around the country, Larry has also served as a Church Music Director for several Baptist churches. He has also been involved with the Tennesse Arts Commission's Arts in Education program and the Kentucky Arts Council's Teacher Incentive Program, presenting dulcimer programs in the public schools.

In 1995, Larry won the Southern Regional Mountain Dulcimer Championship at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas. In 1996, he teamed with Jim Curley of Kansas City to win the Southern Regional Dulcimer Ensemble Championship at the Folk Center. In 1998, Larry won the prestigious National Mountain Dulcimer Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.

Larry often performs with his wife, Elaine, who plays bass dulcimer, and she is also featured in a couple of our lessons

Enjoy Larry's video, as he tells how evolved from a dulcimer builder to a dulcimer player. and explains his approach teaching a person to play an instrument.

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